Timeline: 2014 (In Development)


APIzoom is a collaborative project of myself and a colleague. The idea is for a Yelp-Facebook like site for programming APIs, libraries and other code components.

While doing my MSc degree in computer science I realized that finding libraries for different languages can be a laborious job and that often new projects were hard to find and existing ones were dated. Though, there is github, wikipedia and occasionally websites with some info, there is no one place where all the lifeline of these projects could be searched easily and quickly. Though, generally directories are out of fashion for the web, they are helpful if focused on a particular niche. On a Multilingual Software engineering environment, as is ever more in industry presently, a website of this kind seem more relevant than ever.

The website is built on Drupal, it responsive, built with sass, bootstrap, css3, html5 and jquery.and the current Beta version of the site is here:

Once, it moves on from beta it will be at Apizoom.com.