This is a game concept called Bubblepop Dragon.


This is a slot game prototype implemented in Unity3D. I wanted to learn, play and check out the potential of the engine for make games.

Download and install the game (note – this is a prototype) from here:

Get the Game

(for android, windows, mac and web (firefox))

In 2015, I had the fortunate opportunity to develop from scratch a web mobile slot game for Ranks Mecca Bingo. Victoria’s Sponge, the game used html5 and the Phaser game engine.

Though, the game was extremmelly ambitious in all the it aimed to achieve with html5, I really wanted to take my skills and try implementing a slot game in a more robust, AAA professional game engine, like Unity3D.

So, I took my artist/designer hat, made a simple design to get me started and from late October 2015 I used up most of my free time to learn Unity3D by implementing the game. My key concern was to have a working prototype that would work cross OSs and specially on mobile native. The first goal was to have the core functionality that you expect on slot game – beyond the actual slot maths calc – the spin and show winlines. The reason why I’m not so bothered with the slot maths is because this is something that would come from a server and fed into the game. Hence, my main goal is really the show; the spectacular display of the results.

Now, what I currently have is just that – a spin and winlines display. I also really wanted to play with Reactive Extensions from Microsoft and used it to implement the Flux pattern being popularized on the web by Facebook. I created a github project called Mobius which I imported into the game. If you intereste you can see it here:

It is  not finished, but I have now something to show. Next, I have to fix some UI bugs and continue to improve the very basic funcionality. I want to get to a point where I can have a template that can be used to make multiple slot games, or a Minimum Viable Product.

Why Unity3D, well because it is a 3D engine that also makes 2D games. It generates native performing games and it has an amazing community. Why not Unreal or any other? I prefer C# as a scripting language to C++ and felt more confortable with it overhall. I really like what it offers me in terms of possibilities. The only down to it was the web version still being infant (WebGL). Though, it is getting better and the point when both Unity3D technologies and mobile web meet (mobile support for WebAssembly, ASM.js, etc) it will be pretty awesome to have games that can run in all platforms web or otherwise. Which mean that if the web really takes off as a great provider of AAA games, well, if you used Unity3D you are ready to go, so to speak. Finally, it enables one to develop a “powerful” game to run on a machine and decrement it to run in less powerful devices all from the same project/technology. It is quite empowering!